What Is Constant Contact?

Earlier this year, we began getting questions about a program called “Constant Contact”. Specifically, our cusomers and prospects have asked, “What is Constant Contact? I keep seeing their TV ads and hearing their radio spots.”

So… here’s a quick overview to help you understand what Constant Contact is and whether or not it might be a good option for your business.

What Is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool. With it, you can:

  • Manage your list of patient/customer email addresses
  • Create newsletters, promos and other messages via email
  • Send your messages
  • Handle “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” requests

There are several other tools like Constant Contact including MailChimp, iContact and Aweber.

How is Constant Contact Different Than My Regular Email?

The email-sending programs you use for everyday email checking and sending (like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, your company email), are built to help you receive email (your inbox) and send messages to other addresses – typically one message to one address at a time.

Constant Contact and other email marketing tools differ from your regular programs with:

  • The ability to “manage” your list – Email marketing tools like Constant Contact are built to help you deal with tens, hundreds and even thousands of email addresses.
  • A focus on sending one message to multiple addresses – Most “regular” programs will allow you to send one message to more than one address, but doing so may disclose all of the addresses on the list to all of the recipients. Plus your email provider may have a limit on the number of addresses you can send to at one time.
  • The ability to create HTML and well-formatted messages – Email marketing tools like Constant Contact offer templates and formatting tools to help you create messages that look great while you’re designing them and when your recipients actually read them.
  • Opt-out management – If you use your “regular” email to send messages, you’ll have to manually remove people from your distribution list when they opt-out of your mailings.
  • Subscription management – Email marketing tools allow you to add addresses to your list by uploading them, typing them in, getting them from a form on your site and even automatically adding them from other sources, like your online order form.
  • Scheduling mailings – Email marketing tools also allow you to automate messaging by sending emails to new subscribers and allowing you to schedule messages to be sent on future dates.

Once you have a list of more than 20 subscribers, it’s worth your sanity and saving manual labor to use an email marketing tool.


How is Constant Contact Different from The Inforum Network Email Services?

Constant Contact is a tool – and what we offer is a service.

We actually use Constant Contact in providing services for some of our clients.

Like all tools, Constant Contact and other email marketing tools require:

  • Know-how to implement the tool;
  • Processes to apply the tool for desired results;
  • Time to put the tool to use;
  • And – most importantly – CONTENT.

With our services – we take care of all of that for you. You send us your list and we provide the know-how, processes, time and even the content.




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