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Email_largerCreating Relationships by Delivering Value

We’ll send one article from the Inforum Network to your patient/client list each week in an email template customized with your logo, address, website and contact details.

Week after week, you’ll be building your relationship with your patients by delivering quality, helpful information.

  • Weekly message delivers a short, helpful article or a special promotion to your patients and clients.
  • Regular contact ensures that you and your services stay top-of-mind for your customers. They’ll remember you for their own needs, and when they hear of a friend/family member who needs what you have to offer.
  • Valuable content shows that you’re on top of trends and advancements in your space, that you care enough to help them stay informed and that you’re not always trying to sell them something.

…and when you have a promotion or event to announce, an email from you won’t seem like a “sales pitch”.

“Our phones ring every Tuesday when our newsletter goes out.” — Dr. Hinderliter, Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology

Email BBA

Hands-Free, Tech-Free Services

With our low-tech, hands-free approach – we handle everything so you can concentrate on taking care of the patients or clients in your chair.

You do what you do best, and we’ll remind your patients and clients to keep coming back!

  • We supply the content (if you want us to!). No need to send us an article each week – we’ll choose a well-written, relevant piece from our growing library of articles from The Inforum Network on topics including (click on any of the links to open examples in a new window):
  • Customized template includes your logo and contact info and a link to your site. 
  • Social sharing links in the email allow you and recipients to share on Facebook, Twitter, via email and more.

All we need from you is your patient/client list and any updates or news you want to share. We’ll handle everything else.

Your News & Promotions

We’re building a captive audience for you. So, when you do have news to share, they’ll be tuned in and ready to act! Simply tell us the details and we’ll turn your news into email message and send it out to your list.

  • Send announcements to let your patients/clients know what’s new and coming up.
  • Invite them to your events like open houses, grand openings and even sale days.
  • Send holiday greetings throughout the year.
  • Announce new products and services.
  • Offer them special deals, discounts and promotions – who needs Groupon when you can go right to your own list?
  • Create “flash” sales to fill empty chairs or boost sales during normally slow times.

Cost Effective Marketing

Cost efficiency matters – Where are 2-3 hours of your week best spent? Writing and sending emails, or servicing the patients or clients in your chair?

Reach a positive ROI (return on investment) by retaining and re-energizing just 1-2 patients/clients each year.

Getting started is simple – your patients/clients could be receiving your first newsletter by this time next week! Choose from these monthly plans, or save by signing up for the whole year!

Risk Free Guarantee

We don’t lock you in to long-term contracts. We’ll work message by message to earn your continued business over and over again. You can cancel your service at any time – but we’ll make it our priority to keep you in the Inforum Network!

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